Job description

Job Title: Mobile clinic Medical Doctor
Project:Degehabur, Ethiopia
Incorporation:March 2008
Duration:6 months
New post / replacement:Dr. Sylke Neumann

Objective of the post and responsibility:
To provide medical care within the context Hospital programmes (Nutrition, Paediatrics consultation, IPD paediatrics and adults) implemented by MSF OCBA in collaboration with Degahbur RHB(Regional Health Bureau) Hospital.
To take part in the follow-up and evaluation of the project, while, as a member of the MSF OCBA team, representing the values and principles of the organisation

-Responsible of the medical care quality of the Hospital medical activities: (nutritional programs, IPD, Peadiatrics, emergencies) .
-To support when assessing and meeting the medical needs within the project context
-To support the national staff by means of supervision and on-the-job training
-To produce timely monthly reports, including statistics, analysis and monthly activity planning within the project
-To coordinate together with the project logistics team the activities relating to medical logistics required to implement the project as a whole (transport, waste area, security.).
-Closely follow up the context to detect any potential emergency situations(natural disasters, epidemics, etc), and ensure the epidemiological surveillance within the project (data collection and weekly report), while being acquainted with the emergency preparedness plan and ready to respond accordingly

-In coordination with the other medical doctor of the project, s/he is responsible for the health of expatriate staff in the project as well as for keeping and updating the health files of all expatriates who work in the project.

-To brief all expats who are arriving in the mission
-To participate in the selection of the national medical staff to be hired
-To identify training needs among the national staff
-To know the security regulations in force and ensure their compliance within the team
-To represent MSF-Greece as a project doctor
-To supervise the quality of the medical care in the Hospital, being the medical reference for clinical consultants.
-To define and implement training sessionsfor national medical staff and develop/adapt/integrate MSF protocols (including obstetrics) in accordance with previously detected training needs, following the MSF-OCBA policies.
-To provide the necessary medical and nutritional care within the health structures supported by MSF-Greece in the project.
-To supervise the correct application of the referral criteria to the proper health structure (Jijiga hospitals).
-Medical consultations in Hospital .
-To admit the patients
-To do the supervision of the discharges of patients
-To prescribe the medication
-To supervise the nutritional treatment compliance, organisation and management as well as follow-up examinations
-Participate in the hospital activities in coordination with the rest of the team (Emergency Room, IPD, referrals).
-To ensure the knowledge and observance of the universal precautions by all the staff.
-To carry out emergency response and outbreak investigations in case of need.
-To participate in writing of project proposal concerning medical issues and in formulating strategies in case of new activities and/or orientation of the project.

Working experience: minimum 2-year clinical working experience.
Languages: Fluent English. Somali is an added value.
IT: computer knowledge as a user: Word, Excel, Outlook
Availability: 6 months and valid passport to cover period overseas.
Experience in minor surgery, nutrition, tropical medicine and obstetrics.
Field experience in a similar role in developing countries with other organisations.
Team management experience.
Experience, interest and patience in supervising coaching and training others.

Willingness to work in unstable environments (restriction of movements, conflict context).
Analysis capacity (decision-making capacity and global vision of the project)
Planning, organisational and evaluating skills (focusing on medical work: handling planning matrices, organising the available resources, chronograms, prioritizing workload…)
Teamwork (ability to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary team).
Ability to work under very basic conditions and diagnose without technical diagnostic equipment
Quality-driven (go beyond his/her “formal” responsibilities seeking quality outputs and improvement of working processes)
Ability to cope with stress
Sense of improvisation and problem solving capacity
Communication skills (capacity to listen and communicate in an effective, specific, positive way)
Flexibility (capacity to adjust to changes and to work with RHB staff, willing to go beyond her/his job profile if needed).
Respectful with Islamic customs.
Good humour